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Destination of the month – Bangkok

Bangkok information

Bangkok is one the World's most exciting and colourful cities. Thailand is a one of the top long haul destinations. A lot of people want to head to the amazing beaches of Phuket and Samui as quickly as possible which often means bypassing Bangkok. That is a shame as people are really missing out. Bangkok is a buzzing city with lots to offer./blockquote>
Food lovers have an almost endless choice of amazing restaurants and some of the best street food in the World. The air is filled with delicious aromas of chilli, lemongrass and ginger. The nightlife is legendary with bars and clubs on every corner. You will find some of the best rooftop bars in the World here. Only New York can really compete.The shopping is fantastic as well, with huge markets vying for business with flashy modern malls and small local handicraft shops. If you are a culture vulture then you have hundreds of temples to explore and of course a visit to the Grand Palace is a must.It is an easy city to get around. The Sky train is a modern and efficient way of getting around but not half as fun as the noisy tuk tuks, although traffic can be very bad. So maybe you would prefer a relaxing jaunt along the river and see another side of Bangkok that lives on and along the mighty Chao Phraya.
If you wanted to get away for a day there are some great day trips from Bangkok like the famous floating markets and Bridge over the river Kwai. Just over an hour north of Bangkok lies Ayutthaya as sprawling temple complex and the ancient, historic capital of Thailand.
Bangkok has a huge range of accommodations and you can find some really good luxury options without spending a fortune. It is a great place to splash out a little extra to enjoy some luxury.
Bangkok makes a great stopover for holidays to one of Thailand's fabulous beach resorts. Phuket and Koh Samui are the best known but there are hundreds of fabulous smaller tropical islands with white sand beaches, to choose from. Bangkok is also a popular stop for people travelling to and from Australia or New Zealand. Generally flight fares are the same price when you stop en-route. You just need to add your hotel. 

Getting there

There are lots of flight options from the UK with direct flights on Thai Air, BA and Eva air. Plus various indirect options and regional departures. Bangkok is a great stopover on an Australia trip or base to explore the rest of South East Asia.
I recommend booking a private airport transfer to get into the city. These are not that expensive in Thailand and by far the most hassle free option. If you haven't booked one then just join the official taxi meter queue. Don't listen to any of the local touts inside the airport offering taxis as you are likely to be ripped off. The journey into the main tourist areas of the city centre will take around 45-60 minutes and a taxi should cost no more than 400 baht.