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where can i go on holiday now

Travel without a test or a vaccine

holidays in 2021

Travel without a test or a vaccine

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Where can I go without taking a test?

I’m not vaccinated but I want to go on holiday

This week saw the announcement from the government that they are scrapping all Covid travel requirements. It is hard to believe this has finally come. There will be no tests required to get into the country for either vaccinated or non vaccinated people. No confusing and complicated passenger locator forms and the legal requirement for masks on planes and in airports will go. That will be very strange, to walk through an airport and onto a plane without a mask. We have got so used to them now.

Does this mean that travel is finally returning to ‘normal’?

Maybe not just yet..

Many countries still require masks to be worn on planes. If they do you will have to wear one, even if its not law here. Many countries still want you to take a covid test to get in. Lots of countries still won’t allow non-vaccinated visitors and some won’t allow any tourists at all. With that in mind I am answering a couple of questions I have had from clients of mine this week…….


I’m fully vaccinated – Where can I go now without having to do a test?

I’m not vaccinated – Where can I go on holiday this Summer?

Lets tackle the first question – The list of countries scrapping entry tests for vaccinated travellers has grown considerably recently. there are many places you can enter without a test and so without the risk of losing your holiday. Plus as the tests to get back have been scrapped it means a stress free holiday without that extra worry. Lets have a look at some of the main holiday hotspots you can go without having to test….

  • BELGIUM – All covid restrictions have been lifted
  • CROATIA – All covid restrictions lifted
  • MEXICO – All restrictions lifted
  • OMAN
  • CANADA – from April 1st
  • INDIA – Although yo have to get an old fashioned paper visa instead of the online e-visa
  • JAMAICA – No tests for anyone
  • THAILAND – from 1st May

So some great destinations for summer holidays. Visit the beaches of the Med in holiday favourites like France, Greece Turkey and Spain. Or go hiking in Canada, Scandinavia and Iceland or enjoy a tropical break in the Maldives and Caribbean or a safari in South Africa. Of course if you don’t mind taking a test then the list is much bigger with countries like USA only requiring the cheaper Antigen tests and some countries in Asia finally opening up, like Thailand where a PCR test is needed. Canada is the latest to announce they are scrapping tests and hopefully we will see the U.S follow suit soon.

The list of places that will accept non-vaccinated visitors is a little smaller. Not having the vaccine does limit your travel options somewhat, although there are still some great places to visit to get your holiday in the sun this Summer. Most will still require a covid test to get in…

  • GREECE – PCR test required
  • BELGIUM – All restrictions have been lifted
  • CROATIA – PCR or antigen test required
  • TURKEY – PCR or antigen test required
  • EGYPT – PCR test required
  • PORTUGAL – PCR or lateral flow test required
  • MEXICO – No restrictions for anyone
  • SEYCHELLES – PCR test required to enter
  • MALDIVES – No tests required to enter ***
  • CYPRUS – PCR or antigen test required
  • MONTENEGRO – No tests required to enter
  • CELAND – No tests required to enter
  • NORWAY – No tests required to enter
  • DENMARK – No test needed to enter
  • NETHERLANDS – No tests required to enter
  • SOUTH AFRICA – PCR test needed
  • VIETNAM – PCR or Antigen – same for vaccinated people
  • INDIA – PCR or Antigen and a paper visa
  • SRI LANKA – PCR or Antigen – then you stay in a Bio-Bubble for your stay. Use all the hotel facilities & access to certain tours
  • GRENADA – No tests needed
  • JAMAICA – No test needed

As you can see the list is smaller and most require you to take tests but some countries, like us, have scrapped all covid testing requirements completely, for both vaccinated and non-vaccinated. So holidays this year will be available to everyone.

These lists are correct as of 16th March 2022 and of course will change. Hopefully soon we will see the list grow as we do finally get back to a more normal life.

Let’s make 2022 a good year – Do you like the sound of any of the countries for your Summer 2022 holiday?

Contact Paul if you have any questions about anything travel or want to start organising that well deserved break in the sun.