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Quarantine or no quarantine – Confirmed countries


Quarantine or no quarantine – Confirmed countries

The government has now released a list of 59 ‘safe’ countries that you can visit without having to quarantine on return

I have compiled a list of the most popular tourist destinations from the list and checked if they will allow UK visitors and if we would need to quarantine on arrival.


Details are based on current FCO guidelines and can change rapidly and there will be various changes as the UK’s quarantine restrictions are lifted on 10th July. For up to date details check the governments FCO website for each country.


Only travel to countries without severe restrictions in place and always have accommodation confirmed in writing before travelling. Ensure you check entry requirements and fill out any online forms needed in plenty of time. Of course if you have any symptoms at all do not travel and ensure when you get to your destination that you adhere to their social distancing rules as all countries still have this in place.

Remember – If the FCO still has Travel Advice warning against all but essential travel to a country and you go there, your travel insurance will be invalid.



There are health screening procedures on arrival and if necessary Covid19 test which if asked to take you pay for ($100). You will have to quarantine if you fail the test.



You need a negative Covid19 test certificate no older than 4days – Or take a Covid test on arrival (190 euros per person) – Or quarantine for 14 days



There is currently a mandatory 14 day quarantine for UK visitors



No quarantine although you will need a negative Covid19 certificate



Currently 14day quarantine in a government facility – this is due to change when flights begin again



No quarantine for UK passport holders



UK citizens currently barred from entry along with all other countries.



No quarantine – you need to fill in an online form with proof of accommodation address



UK visitors are not allowed to enter – this should change in the next couple of weeks



No quarantine – You need a minimum 6 night confirmed accommodation booking though



14 day quarantine currently in place but should be removed on 10th July as a reciprocal agreement with the UK



No quarantine measures for UK visitors



UK visitors not allowed until 15th July at the earliest. Quarantine should be waived but there will be health screening on arrival



No quarantine if you pass rapid Covid19 test that you take on arrival



You need to fill out a health form before travel – 14 day Quarantine seems to be advised but not compulsory



You can get tested on arrival for around £60pp – You then isolate at your hotel for 24 hours while you wait for the results. Positive tests will mean quarantine



All visitors have to Quarantine for 14 days on arrival



No quarantine for UK passport holders



No mandatory quarantine but you will be tested on arrival and you must obtain ‘authorisation to enter’ on the Visit Jamaica website



UK passport holders currently banned from entry



International visitors are not allowed at present into the country



Currently UK visitors have to quarantine on arrival for 14 days



Borders are currently closed to all International visitors



Borders are closed to UK visitors unless visiting family or for work reasons



Spain has been taken off the exempt list as of 26th July to a spike in Covid19 cases.



The borders are currently closed – this could change soon though



No quarantine



International visitors currently banned from entry – except in very limited circumstances (not tourism)



No Quarantine but you have to undergo health screening at the airport and if you show symptoms then a full Covid test.



Currently the country is not issuing visas for any International travellers so entry to the country is not allowed.



You will see that the U.S is not on the list and there are no countries from South America, the Middle East, South Asia or Africa (apart from Reunion)

If you are looking to organise a holiday to any of the countries that we are now allowed to travel to – contact Paul who is happy to help

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