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Frequently asked questions

We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you with the booking process. If you have a question not covered here then please telephone us or send an email and we will be a happy to provide further information.

How do I make a payment on a booking?
Debit card, credit card, bank transfer – secure payment page or phone.
Do I have to give a deposit? If so how much?
Depends – each one will be different. within 10 weeks of travel all will be full payment.
If I make a mistake, can I change my booking?
Yes most of the time, but there may be charges by the airline and hotels.
Can I cancel a booking?
It depends on the flight booked – different fares have different cancellation conditions. There will always be a cancellation charge by the airline and in some cases the hotel. Customers should get god travel insurance – which I now have a good link to.
Can I change my flights?If so how?
depends on the fare – most of the time you can, for a fee.
What is the age of a child for booking purposes?
Up to 11yrs / infants are under 2-no seat on flight.
What is the luggage allowance?
depends on the airline used 20-23kg.
Can I check in online?
No, as you will have luggage, although this does depend on the airline – you may be able to do the UK legs on BA, Virgin.
What are the passport requirements?
Usually 6 months validity after the return date – details available on
Are there any hand baggage restrictions?
No liquids over 100ml – bags have to be small enough to fit in the overhead lockers – 56cm long x 45cm wide x 25cm deep.
Why do I need to supply my passport details?
For immigration of the country you are visiting.
What is an ESTA?
Electronic System for Travel Authorization – USA tourist visas
What is APIS?
How do I submit this information? To us – We will pass this onto the airline