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Tailor-made holidays to Hong Kong and China

China the land of contrasts with spectacular mountain ranges, ancient forests, beautiful temples and traditional villages, sitting side by side with ultra modern cities and gleaming skylines.


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Flight Times: 12 hours

Visa: China Yes. Hong Kong No.

Timezone: +8 hours

When to go

China is a huge country with various weather patterns, depending on where you go. The North can get very cold in winter, whereas the South is sub-tropical, where temperatures stay hot and humid all year and is affected by Monsoon rains.

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Hong Kong has the most stunning skyline on the planet and really has to be seen to be believed. This cosmopolitan city gleams with glass and steel but also retains lots of tradition and culture from years gone by.

The city teems with life day and night and any stay in Hong Kong, will be filled with sights, smells and sounds. for shopping explore traditional open air markets, or visit the huge glitzy department stores.  

Stop at one of the many street vendors, for some delicious food, cooked right in front of you. If you prefer to eat in restaurants, you can choose from over 10,000 in the city, with a selection not just from the different regions of China, but from all over the World.

Hong Kong has a buzzing, lively nightlife scene, with hundreds of cool bars and clubs where you can party until the small hours.

Any visit to Hong Kong would not be complete without a visit to ‘The Peak’  where you will be rewarded with stunning views across the harbour to Kowloon and the traditional wooden junks boats, bobbing about on the beautiful harbour below.

Aberdeen and Stanley on the Island and the New Territories on the mainland, show a slightly slower pace of life and a more traditional feel. Hong Kong is also home to the newest of the Disney Theme parks, just across the bay on Lantau Island, great for all the family.

China offers diverse landscapes, from snow covered mountains, to jungle valleys, ancient forests and mighty lakes and rivers. Famed for its beautiful palaces and traditional temples that dot the landscape. Beijing is home to the most famous of them all, the Forbidden City, where emperors lived and ruled for centuries. Of course the most famous site in the whole of China must be the Great Wall.

From Beijing you can visit this ancient wonder that endlessly winds through the forested mountains. Everywhere you look in China you are surrounded by fascinating culture and history, from the famous monuments and palaces, to the pretty villages, where a  traditional way of life still exists.

Beijing is the capital and home to a wide variety of cultural sights. Stroll around the city and see the vast Tianamen Square and visit the Mausoleum of Chairman Mao and the many temples and traditional tea houses. Visit the vast forbidden city, where you can spend the whole day, or stroll around the traditional Hutongs and markets.

Hong Kong and China aren’t just culture and history though.  Shanghai is fast becoming one of the Worlds most hi-tech, futuristic cities, with a constantly evolving skyline, where ultra modern skycrapers seem to pop up overnight. Trendy bars and excellent restaurants are dotted around the city, as well as the wonderful street vendors, cooking many tasty dishes.

For something really special, why not take a wonderful cruise along the mighty Yangze river and experience the stunning and dramatic scenery, in a relaxed atmosphere amid luxurious surroundings.

Peninsula Hong Kong

The Peninsula Hotel

The Peninsula hotel is one of Hong Kong’s famous landmarks and has long been a favourite of the most discerning visitors. If your budget doesn’t stretch to the super luxury prices, we can also offer a wide range of alternative hotels in Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Enquire now

Fairmont Shanghai

The Shanghai Hotel

This beautiful hotel is 5 star luxury just one of our recommended hotels in Shanghai. We can offer a

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