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uk luxury holidays

Coronavirus – Staycations this Summer

Coronavirus – Staycations this Summer

Summer holidays are on the cards from 4th July after the recent government advice..

It looks like there may be a chance we can get away for a holiday this Summer. Where we can go isn’t quite clear yet but there should be air bridges in place soon to various European countries.

Although, if you don’t feel comfortable hopping on a plane right now, then why not enjoy a holiday in our own beautiful land. We know that UK holidays will be allowed from the 4th July.

Here are a few ideas for your Summer holiday in the UK. I have picked ones that I personally want to try and of course as always these are top quality luxury experiences. If strict social distancing measures are still in place then I would think the private cottages, beach houses and country homes may be a great option.

You might want to get away from busy areas and pick a quiet more isolated region like the Scottish Highlands or rural Cumbria. Remember popular coastal resorts will be busy and social distancing measures will still be in place so not all facilities will be back to normal.

I personally will only offer holidays and hotels I am confident are adhering to current official social distancing and hygiene measures. Generally all the top quality options have extensive measures in place to keep you safe…….




The Belmond Royal Scotsman

belmond royal scotsman holidays

The Belmond British Pullman

Belmond British Pullman

The Belmond trains are our version of the Orient Express, they are in fact operated by the same company. Oozing style, class and the elegance of a bygone era, these are the ultimate luxury train experience’s available in the UK. The trains are both beautifully restored and boast sumptuous interiors filled with history and opulence. The attentive service as you would expect is exceptional with fine dining included. The British Pullman offers day trips from London to the West country and can be combined with a night or two in London and a stay in the beautiful Devon or Cornish countryside or coast. The Royal Scotsman has luxurious cabins with ensuite bathrooms so you can take a longer journey through stunning vistas of mountains, lochs and forests.



uk luxury berach house holiday

You don’t have to travel as far as the Caribbean or even the Mediterranean to find a lovely beach. Why not head down to the West country where you will find stunning intimate coves and impressive long stretches of sandy coastline. Cornwall and Devon both have a selection of the UK’s finest beaches and lots of interesting villages and towns to explore. If you want the ultimate beach staycation then book your very own beach house so you can wake up each morning to a wonderful view of the sea. Imagine stepping straight from your terrace onto the beach for a refreshing dip before breakfast. Your own beach house could also be a good option for social distancing. You have the place to yourselves and there are no other guests or staff. Most will also be in quiet and secluded beach locations away from the crowds.



uk country house holiday

If you want a memorable holiday in the UK with some friends or family then you might want to consider hiring your very own stately home. Spend your UK holiday in the regal surroundings of a luxurious and historical country house set in picturesque surroundings. Become the lord of the manor for a week or two. Spend days relaxing in the lush surroundings, exploring the grounds or visiting nearby villages and towns. Then spend your evenings with a glass of wine in the drawing room or on the terrace with your friends and family. This is another great option if we still have strict social distancing measures in place. You have your own home for your stay and plenty of space to enjoy without risking busy places.



uk cottages

For something more intimate choose from a wide range of pretty chocolate box cottages in lovely countryside or village settings all over the UK. Experience a laid back village life and explore the beautiful countryside surroundings before a cosy evening spent in your cottage. Cottages are a gret option for families and people with dogs who don’t want to leave their furry friends at home this Summer. Also great for social distancing at the moment.



uk luxury spa holidays

The UK has some truly spectacular Golf & Spa resorts, like the impressive Gleneagles (pictured). You might be there for the World class golf courses and sports facilities, or you might just want to spend your time being pampered in the spa. Maybe you want both. Golf & Spa resorts are popular with groups who have a mix of golfers and non-golfers looking to go away together. Of course if you don’t have any golfers at all then there are hundreds of fantastic luxury spa resorts all over the UK where you can be well and truly pampered (social distancing allowing).



Kirkliston Castle

If you are looking for something totally different and unforgettable this Summer then why not stay in your very own castle. Live like a king surrounded by history for a truly unique holiday. There are more castles available to stay in than you may think and they come in all styles and sizes in locations all over the UK. Get together with some friends and family for a truly unique holiday this Summer. A great option for a celebration or anniversary. How many people can say they have stayed in their very own castle



cruising holidays norfolk broads

Experience a world of peace and tranquility. The Norfolk Broads rich network of rivers and lakes offers a beautiful backdrop for an unforgettable and relaxing holiday. Move at your own pace and explore some of the 125 miles of stunning waterways. Stop and explore pretty villages and towns along the way and maybe enjoy a stroll in the lovely countryside, visit a stately home or a local brewery. You could enjoy some fun at the beach or try a new activity. Then relax back on your floating home and enjoy dinner with a glass of wine as the sun sets over the water. There are some really lovely and fairly luxurious boats on offer these days to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience.



canal boat holidays

What could be a more traditional UK holiday than a narrow boat journey through the charming British countryside. Experience a slow pace of life and  travel through the heart of stunning countryside, stopping off when and where you want. Moor your barge up and take a walk through rolling hills and country parks and stop off in a country pub to meet the locals. There are canals all over Britain so you can choose from a range of unique regions. Choose from a range of high quality boats that offer all the modern amenities you need for a comfortable and enjoyable time. If you have never captained your own boat before don’t worry as they are very easy to drive and not a huge amount can go wrong at 5 miles per hour.



I work with only top quality UK accommodation providers and tour operators. The private homes shown above are all from Olivers Travels or ITC, both of whom offer the finest luxury service. All packages will also be with the very best UK tour operators offering exceptional service and a memorable experience.